Career mismanagement learnings

Career mismanagement learnings

Why bother! Why read this blog? What’s in it for you? There are a lot of blogs that discuss career management. The usual stuff that includes such topics as networking, developing your resume, writing skills, and many other related topics. Many provide extremely useful information. But it just doesn’t get you there, trust me.

What exactly is career mismanagement? Well, it’s the decisions that individual makes in managing their own career which seems to take them in the wrong direction. Decisions that we make have long-term effects. In essence, my conclusion is that the decisions that we make must be taken seriously in the overall context of a career plan. Yes, back to the basics of sitting down and mapping out your career, where you would like to go and how you’re going to get there. I will be reviewing my career in that light, hoping that others will benefit from my experience. In the absence of a plan, we are like corks tossed upon the ways, no direction and simply carried by the ocean current.

In addition, I will be developing career management tools to share with my blog readers. Hopefully, these tools will be useful and insightful. Not just the same old stuff.

My Career

I have a long career behind me ranging from financial services, public accounting, an accounting professor, an entrepreneur and a stock broker. I haven’t seen it all, but I have seen what works and what doesn’t work.

So you need to know the signs of career mismanagement and how to avoid career mismanagement. In the absence of learning what to avoid, you’ll find yourself heading down the wrong path. Heading down the wrong path will lead, in my opinion, to career disaster!

My practice

Please spend a moment looking at a description of my practice and how I would work together with you to enhance your career and take the guesswork out of moving forward. Your always available mentor, who happens to be outside your firm. Someone who is only concerned with you and your career well-being, not the firm, not your colleagues and not your boss.

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