The true calling that wasn’t

The true calling that wasn’t

the true calling that wasn't

WHAT if you’re not happy in your job? Is it possible that you’re in the wrong career entirely?

Many times we feel that we make a career choice and that we are locked in. Stuck. I had that situation occur to me. I hated my work, it wasn’t what I wanted to do and it wasn’t where I wanted to be. Wrong city, wrong job, wrong career. But the money was good and the market was hot for people during most of my working career. It was easy to change jobs, laterally but not with a promotion.

People whose careers aren’t the right fit often feel like impostors, even if they are very skilled at their jobs, he said. Another symptom is constant annoyance with the demands being made of them, even though these are reasonable for the business they’re in, he said.

Most people assume that if they change careers, they’ll have to start at the bottom of the ladder and accept a lot less money, he said. That is sometimes true, he observed, but people can often carry pieces of their former careers along with them and gain a higher salary and position as a result.

The true calling that wasn’t

I knew what I wanted to do when I was fourteen years old. I had a clear fix on that and everything I did was aligned with that goal. But money, responsibility, got in the way. I had a vision of what I should be doing and strayed away from it. Someone once told me that the bigger the difference between who you think you are and what you want to be, the greater the stress. When we’re younger, it’s easy to remedy. Spouse, kids, mortgage, schools, neighborhoods, lifestyles all get in the way later. Don’t let them.

Make your changes and make them early. The longer you put it off, the more unlikely it is that you’ll get there. You’ll read lots of stories on the internet of people who succeeded later in life. You won’t hear about the ones that didn’t. Make a decision to change! Make a decision to be what you want to be! You will succeed and never regret it.

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